Water Resources Planning

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A $500B investment in our water infrastructure is needed by 2035 (2015 Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment) in order to continue to provide safe drinking water.  Approximately 67% is attributed to transmission and distribution with the remainder for treatment, storage and source development.

The age of our water resources infrastructure is a core issue.  The average age of water distribution piping is 45 years.  However, utilities report that one of their top challenges is justifying rate increases.  Thus the need to “do more for less” requires leveraging system resiliency as a key part of the planning process.

Holistic planning involving a comprehensive evaluation of existing water resources infrastructure using latest digital technology, asset management,  innovative alternatives for system enhancement and life cycle cost evaluation is the future of water resources planning.

Our Water Resources Planning Expertise Includes:

Tomorrow's Infrastructure

Contaminant Removal

Emerging contaminants that are very difficult to degrade – per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – have treatment limits or guidelines and appear to be moving towards the development of Federal Standards.  Already, certain agencies in AZ and CA are establishing their own goals and treating for these substances.  Treatment alternatives include GAC and ion exchange with PFAS selective media.  Valentine is on the forefront of this emerging contaminant and is designing systems for our Clients to address this challenge.

Multiple Water Sources

Communities and water utilities are faced with water shortages due to limited surface water or groundwater supplies.  More utilities are looking to partner with other utilities or develop alternative water supply sources.  Direct and indirect potable reuse is quickly gaining momentum in drought stricken areas.   

"Anyone who can solve the problems of Water will be worthy of Two nobel prizes - one for peace and one for science"

John F. Kennedy