Monterey Main Reverse Distribution Analysis

Project Owner

California American Water


Monterey, CA

Project Overview

 The City of Monterey and surrounding Cities primary source of water is from the Carmel River, delivered inland from the Carmel Valley.  Due to restrictions on pumping from the Carmel River, Monterey One and a system of ASR wells in Monterey will provide an alternate source of water is high demand months.  Thus, reversing the water supply flow in the system from Monterey to Carmel Valley and surrounding communities is required.  


As part of the Pebble Beach pump station design project required for the reverse flow system, Valentine analyzed the reverse flow hydraulics and impacts to the existing system’s high and low points and pump stations.  Extensive WaterCAD modeling for over 50,000 pipes was performed evaluating fire flow and peak demand conditions.  

Unique Water Resources Planning Features

Extensive WaterCAD Modeling & Assessment

Planning for Multiple Modes of Operation

Close Coordination with Operations Team