Wastewater Collections

Proven Solutions

Maintaining and expanding wastewater collection systems is critical for protection of the environment and public health. Much of the wastewater collection infrastructure in our communities is dated and poses risks for malfunctions and leaks. The most recent ASCE report card for America’s infrastructure rated wastewater facilities as D+. 

Valentine provides our clients with proven solutions for expansion, upgrade and rehabilitation of their collection systems.

Our Wastewater Collection Expertise Includes:

System Optimization

Rehabilitation Extends System Life

Communities are in need of cost-effective, long-term approaches to managing their aging wastewater. Rehabilitation of existing systems is a key strategy in managing aging systems. Evaluation and assessment of existing systems is an essential first step in determining the viability of rehabilitation. Our clients utilize our expertise in condition assessments for determining rehabilitation options and costs. Valentine is adept at system rehabilitations including wetwell and lift station rehabilitation. 

System Planning

Collection system planning, when considering rehabilitation and potential for existing system consolidation, as well as expansion, can provide unique, cost effective solutions for communities. By taking a more holistic view of the collection system, Valentine has assisted our clients in identifying opportunities for system consolidation and rehabilitation that have improved operations costs and simplified long term operation.

“Sewers, the secret... of diverting the cause of the mischief to a locality where it can do no mischief"

-Sir Joseph William Bazalgette