Plant 3 WRF Water Reuse Study

Project Owner

Great Basin Water Company


Pahrump, NV

Project Overview

The Willow Creek Golf Course and the Lakeview Golf Course were the main and only end users of reclaimed water generated from Plant 3.  When the Willow Creek Golf Course began to fall into receivership, the reclaimed water system was not maintained.  This resulted unreliable reclaimed water disposal.  Valentine evaluated the options for establishing other sources of reclaimed water while providing upgrades to the current reclaimed water pump stations and storage.  The analysis was performed for future and build out conditions of the WRF.  The use of rapid infiltration basins and expansion of reclaimed water storage was the preferred alternative for both current and redundant method of effluent disposal.  Following the study, Valentine performed the design for the rapid infiltration basins and the expansion of reclaimed water, as well as rehabilitation of the reclaimed water pump stations serving Lakeview Golf Course and the new Discovery Park & rapid infiltration basins.

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