Pahrump Integrated Water Resources Plan

Pahrump Integrated Water Resources Plan

Project Owner

Great Basin Water Company


Pahrump, NV

Project Overview

Valentine led the Asset Management program which included updating the asset registry.  The asset registry included the pipe condition assessment for water and sewer. The pipe condition assessment was performed by logging location of historical documented breaks and high pressures reported by GBWC throughout the water and sewer systems and determining which pipe segments fall under four matrix tiers of good, fair, poor and very poor. Valentine worked with GBWC operations staff to analyze twenty-one action plan projects and ten preferred plan projects and provided construction cost estimates for each project, along with permitting and engineering requirements. Valentine also prepared written testimony and attended meetings throughout the IRP process.

The Valentine team performed an Asset Management Evaluation for GBWC’s Pahrump Division water distribution system and wastewater collection system.  Valentine prepared and populated the asset registry for this infrastructure.  We worked with GBWC to determine criticality criteria and consequence of failure to identify infrastructure that was nearing useful life or critical to operations.  This analysis assisted in identifying projects for the action plan and the preferred plan.  For the action plan projects identified, Valentine prepared alternatives analysis with cost development for several projects.  Valentine prepared the IRP document and PUCN work project (written testimony and meetings).

Unique Water Resources Planning Features

Water System Master Plan

Asset Management Study

WaterCAD Modeling