Scottsdale Well Site 140 Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well

Project Owner

City of Scottsdale


Scottsdale, AZ

Project Overview

This project added a direct injection and recovery well, Well Site 140, to the City”s water distribution and supply system. Well Site 140 was designed, constructed, and outfitted in preparation for deep-well injection and recovery directly to/from the City’s distribution system. It was designed to be operated remotely and is connected to the City’s SCADA system.
The project included hydrogeologic services including a site characterization study, well permitting, well drilling, bid document preparation, logging, water quality sampling, flow testing, and monitoring well design. In addition, Valentine designed the well site, including preliminary site layouts, well pump and overall system hydraulic analysis, well pump design, recovery well discharge piping and appurtenances, injection piping with flow meter and control valve, well purging appurtenances, well to waste discharge holding tank and associated pumping system to sewer, well site support systems design, and site civil design.  The injection piping with the flow meter and control valve was designed to reduce the incoming pressure to a pressure suitable for deep-well injection.  The discharge holding tank and associated pumping system helped control the discharge to the sewer.  Native plant inventory, landscaping design, and the aesthetic perimeter wall were designed for the site as well.

Key Project Features

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well

Complete Site Design

Aesthetic Wall and Landscaping Design

Controlled Well to Waste Sewer Discharge