Yarnell Water Improvement Projects

Project Owner

Yarnell Water Improvement Association


Yarnell, AZ

Project Overview

The devastation of the Yarnell Hill Fire and Tenderfoot Fire not only deeply affected the communities of Yarnell and Glen Ilah, but their water systems as well.  Valentine assisted the Yarnell Water Improvement Association by preparing emergency engineering reports to address the repair of water system components damaged by the fires.  We coordinated with the United States Department of Agriculture on the approval of the emergency reports.  Following approval, Valentine performed design, permitting, bidding and construction oversight of the improvements.  This required working with multiple agencies for encroachment permits, approvals of construction, as well as meeting USDA requirements and reporting to / coordinating with USDA and the Yarnell Water Improvement Association.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve this wonderful community.

Unique Agency Coordination Features

USDA – Funding & Oversight Agency

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Yavapai County

Arizona Department of Transportation