Project Engineer

Kaley Yazzie

Kaley graduated Arizona State University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.  At Valentine Kaley is an integral member of our engineering team performing data collection and review, engineering calculations, studies, report development, cost evaluations, and detailed design to assist on water and wastewater projects.  

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Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


What I Love About Water

I believe water is an essential part of life. Being that our world is composed of 70% water goes to show the power water serves to our planet, everyday lives, and the overall population. Growing up on the Navajo reservation opened my eyes to the importance of water and its service to the world. From crops to livestock to growth to consumption, the world will not revolve without it. I believe every community, home, and country deserves access to the Earth’s most basic necessity, and working in the water and wastewater industry paves the way of making that goal a reality. Water is and forever will be the pipeline to a better future! 

My Water Impact

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