Engineering Intern

Chris Paquette

Chris has worked at Valentine since August 2022. He has gained valuable experience in CAD and creating cost estimates for a variety of Water and Wastewater projects.

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Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering


What I Love About Water

Water is an intricate thread that weaves through every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the energy we consume. It irrigates our crops, generates power, and supports countless ecosystems. It connects communities, cultures, and continents through its vast networks of rivers, lakes, and oceans. By appreciating the significance of water with every morning drink, I am reminded of its indispensability and the urgent need to protect, conserve, and manage this precious resource for the benefit of ourselves and the future generations of this planet. I am honored to work along side brilliant minds in ensuring the availability, quality, and resilience of this precious resource.

My Water Impact

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