During Science Week at a summer camp in Seattle, the kids learned all about water conservation and then went online to do their own research.  They came across the Valentine website and our Resource Page which has a section dedicated specifically to educational resources for youth or anyone interested in gaining more knowledge about the environment.  The students and their teacher wrote us a nice letter thanking us for the information and expressed how useful it was to them while they were learning all about water conservation and the environment.


The kids made a special request to add another page for our visitors to enjoy and we agree that it offers great tips for saving water:


“How to Conserve Water in the Bathroom” – 


It’s so important for all of us to better understand what is happening with our environment and how we can protect it.  A very big thank you to the kids and their teacher, Francesca Davis, for their great suggestion to add more great resources to our Resource Page


If you have creative ideas for our resource page, Teresa would love to hear from you at

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