Teresa Valentine has been chosen to present at the AWWA 2013 Emergency Preparedness and Security Conference on September 17, 2013 at The Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca, Illinois.  She will discuss providing a sustainable source for safe drinking water during a disaster – “Mobile Water Treatment System for Sustained Emergency Response and Recovery.”


When water supplies are compromised during disasters, risks to the US population can be best mitigated by eliminating single points of failure by implementing:


  • Stand alone treatment systems for providing water via a Mobile Water Treatment Unit (MWTU)
  • Flexible transport methods
  • Effective water treatment capability
  • Independent power source


Valentine Environmental Engineers and Hennesy Mechanical Sales presented their solution to the US Department of Homeland Security for consideration in emergency planning.  They covered all the bases for a sustainable and reliable safe drinking water source.  The benefits of the proposed MWTU provided a high level of water treatment, a scalable mobile unit for diverse populations, a standalone power source, flexible transport methods, minimal footprint of power and weight, minimal onsite maintenance during deployment, and user friendly monitoring systems.


Stay tuned for more information on the details of the design, how it can be implemented domestically, and how it can be used in regions of the world in need of safe drinking water.

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