General Jim Moore Boulevard 36-inch Diameter Waterline

Project Owner

California American Water


Monterrey, CA

Key Project Features

The General Jim Moore Boulevard Shared Pipeline Bypass project has been successfully constructed, providing an important interconnection between various waterlines in the area. The project aimed to enhance the water distribution system and improve water flow efficiency.


The primary objective of the project was to connect the existing 30-inch waterline at the intersection of Hilby Avenue and General Jim Moore Boulevard with the 36-inch waterline near Coe Avenue and the 30-inch waterline that connects to ASR Wells 3 and 4. This connection was achieved by installing a new 36-inch waterline along General Jim Moore Boulevard.


To facilitate the interconnection with ASR Wells 3 and 4, a Dechlorination System was proposed and installed at the existing Paralta Well site. This system ensures that the water from ASR Wells 3 and 4 meets the required quality standards before entering the shared pipeline bypass.


By completing this project, the water distribution system in the area has been strengthened, allowing for improved water supply and increased reliability. The General Jim Moore Boulevard Shared Pipeline Bypass project is expected to benefit the local community by ensuring a more efficient and robust water infrastructure, contributing to the overall well-being and sustainability of the region.