Forest Lake Pump Station

Project Owner

California American Water


Pebble Beach, CA

Key Project Features

As part of an overall Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project, a new main water source was identified for the Monterey Main system. For this new main water supply to be directed to customers, water was required to be reversed through the distribution system. Hydraulic analysis indicated that for the reversal of flow through the Monterey Main distribution system, two (2) new pump station were required – the San Carlos Pump Station and Forest Lake Pump Station. The San Carlos Pump Station was required to boost flow to the storage tanks where the rest of the system would be fed. The Forest Lake Pump Station was essential for maintaining pressures in the transmission mains and especially to prevent negative pressure conditions at several essential high points and for other booster stations pulling from the existing transmission main, where this existing transmission main was over 5 miles long between Forest Lake and San Carlos Pump Stations. 


To supply the full range of demand and fire flow, three (3) 4,500 gpm pumps with VFDs were installed in a new precast concrete building that was provided with noise attenuation. After significant conceptual evaluation of alternatives, the pump station was located on an existing site in an optimal location to maintain access throughout the site and avoid impacts to native/protected plants. Valentine provided coordination with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for new power to be brought to the site. Valentine also assisted with startup plans and overall control strategy for the complicated reversal of flow through the system. 

Intricate System Hydraulic  Modeling and Startup/Programming Requirements 

Complex Power and Access Considerations

Environmentally Sensitive Design

Noise Mitigation