Well 20 PFA Treatment Concept Plan

Project Owner

City of Tempe


Tempe, AZ

Project Overview

Valentine prepared a conceptual design for the equipping of a 1600 gpm well that Tempe acquired from APS.  The conceptual design considered space and site requirements for the well equipping components, PFA treatment, disinfection using 0.8% sodium hypochlorite and electrical and instrumentation.  In addition connections to existing water and storm drain utilities in Rio Salado Parkway were determined.  Valentine evaluated several options for a single site or two piece site to accommodate the equipment and fit into the available space where the well is located, the Tempe Marketplace. The evaluation of options included the development of a basis of design for sizing the site components, conceptual site layouts, opinion of construction costs, and advantages and disadvantages.  Valentine prepared a draft and final conceptual design report.  We are currently providing detailed design services for this project, to be completed in the Fall of 2021 with construction starting in 2022.

Unique Project Features

PFA Treatment

Small Footprint

High Profile Area

Noise/Site Mitigation