Yarnell Water Infrastructure Planning

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Yarnell Water Improvement Association


Yarnell, AZ

Project Overview

In the summer of 2013, the Town of Yarnell, Arizona experienced a devastating fire that damaged 126 properties and businesses.  During the fire, the water system was stressed and experienced both vacuum and high pressure surges.  As a result, many areas of the YWIA water system were in need of replacement or rehabilitation. Valentine performed a Fire Damage Assessment, Leak Detection, Capital Improvements Program Development which resulted in several system rehabilitation projects, including:

Norton Watermain, Water Service Lateral, Meter and Valve Replacements – This USDA funded project involved the design of approximately 500 lineal feet of 6-inch watermain and pavement replacement on Norton Way. The line in this area was experiencing frequent failures and leaks and was in need of replacement. The design also included the replacement of 45 outdated and damaged water service meters and laterals throughout the entire YWIA water system. Valentine provided engineering design drawings, bid package preparation, assisted in permitting and provided construction administration services.

Peeples Valley Wells #1 and #2 Rehabilitation – This project involved the rehabilitation of two water supply wells for the YWIA water system that had experienced wear and tear during the Yarnell Hill fire because of increased well pumpage. With one well out of service, the other well was not guaranteed to meet the water customer demands. The two weels were reconditioned by replacing the well pumps, motors and column piping, along with inspections and cleanings of the well casings. Valentine assisted in the bidding process by preparing bidding documents and construction short forms, hosting bid meetings, tabulating bid results and awarding of the bid. Valentine also provided construction administration services.

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