Wildwood Hydro Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation and Expansion

Project Owner

California American Water


Thousand Oaks, CA

Project Overview

This project replaced and expanded an aging booster pump station and improved the existing site.  The existing electrical system was also beyond its useful life and required upgrades to meet Code.  The existing submersible pumps in  cans and hydropneumatics tank were replaced with larger submersible VFD driven pumps in cans.  A new electrical distribution system and standby generator were also provided and system controls were integrated into the existing RTU, which was relocated into a new enclosure in the electrical lineup.  The design considered maintaining the existing booster station in service during construction and Valentine prepared a detailed Maintenance of Operation Plan to detail the construction sequence for the pump station suction and discharge tie-ins, electrical service tie-ins and pump station power supply during construction.  Valentine prepared a plan for a temporary bladder tank to maintain consistent operations during construction.


Valentine coordinated the building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits to construct with the City of Thousand Oaks.  We also acquired two permits for the new standby generator: 1) Permit to Operate from the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District and 2) Fire Department Permit for Storage of Combustible Materials.

Unique Features

Maintenance of Operation During Construction

Pump Station Rehabilitation on Existing Site

Submersible Pump and Motor Design for Noise Control

Optimized Pump Station Operation with VFD’s