Mulberry Water Reclamation Plant Tertiary Capacity Increase

Project Owner

City of Lake Havasu


Lake Havasu City, AZ

Project Overview

This project expanded the tertiary filters at the Mulberry WRF through the addition of a third fuzzy filter. this required existing tertiary fuzzy filters and reconfiguring to allow space for a third fuzzy filter, including all associated piping, valves, and appurtenances to relocate and connect each filter. The addition of the third filter required some demolition of existing piping to provide piping adjustments to the feed, outlet and backwash piping serving the filters. Modifications to the existing filters including ladder modifications, interior recoating, and walkways, were incorporated into the design as well as a complete upgrade to filter control panel and instrumentation. The construction sequencing was extremely intricate, as the plant needed one filter in operation at all times. Valentine prepared a detailed construction sequence plan and associated drawings to describe this process.  This involved the need for temporary connection piping as the existing filters are shifted over to make room for the new filter. 

Unique Project Features

WRF Expansion and Rehabiliation

Detailed Sequence of Construction

Optimized Use of Existing Space

Fast Track Design