Project Engineer

Robert Parker, PE

Robert graduated Arizona State University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.  He joined the Valentine team in 2015 with experience in laboratory analysis and project engineering.  At Valentine he has integrated his skills in drawing preparation and design using AutoCAD and Civil 3D, data collection and review, engineering studies, report development, cost evaluations and process design to assist on water and wastewater projects.  

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Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering

Professional Licenses:

Arizona, 73604, Civil Engineer
California, 92387, Civil Engineer


What I Love About Water

Water (H2O) is the most important molecule on Earth and its uses are wide ranging, from the water in our faucets at home to the industrial processes and consumer products essential to our daily lives. The management of water resources will be one of the most important issues for the next generation to address to ensure a sustainable future. I enjoy working in the water and wastewater engineering industry because we get to use many engineering fundamentals to solve problems, while also using many practical, team-oriented skills to manage projects and ensure successful project delivery. Working with water is satisfying because the significance of water to our daily lives and the impact we have on people and the environment.  

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