Scottsdale Miller Road TCE Treatment Facility

Project Owner



Scottsdale, AZ

Project Overview

The Miller Road Treatment Facility (MRTF) consists of three (3) air stripping towers, three (3) carbon air phase adsorbers and clear well to store treated water.  The MRTF treats TCE contaminated ground water from two wells; PCX-1 and PV-15.  The purpose of the project was to rehabilitate the air stripping towers and provide additional maintenance and repair of other facility components.  Valentine performed evaluations and inspections to determine the extent of repair or replacement of existing equipment for improved operation, monitoring, control and maintenance.  Following the evaluation, Valentine prepared plans and specifications for the recommended repairs including air stripping tower coating rehabilitation, mist eliminator and packing replacement, tower distributive control modifications, instrumentation upgrades, and acid cleaning system modifications.

Key Project Features

TCE Treatment

Maintenance of Plant Operations


Air Scrubbing