Liberty Utilities Marbella Water Campus

Project Owner

Liberty Water Utilities


Glendale, AZ

Project Overview

Marbella North water Campus Phase 1 Facilities, located in Glendale, AZ, consists of a new well site including the equipping of an existing well, site civil improvements including storm water retention basin, paving, grading and site wall, a pre-fabricated electrical building, backwash equalization system, sodium hypochlorite feed system, a pre-fabricated chemical building, arsenic treatment system, backwash storage basin, and yard piping. Valentine performed design of those systems in addition to master planning of the site and electrical supply to support future PFA treatment, future booster pump station and future storage tanks. The project involved extensive coordination with APS to bring power to the site and consultations with numerous departments at Maricopa County for permitting. Valentine assisted in the processes of assigning an address to the site with the addressing department at Maricopa County, submitting for new drinking water source approval and ATC at MCESD, submitting for approval for temporary and permanent construction access with MCDOT, submittal for a military compatibility permit, and working with the Plant and Development Department to obtain a building permit. Valentine had to work cooperatively between the site developer, the County and the client to obtain these permits and ensuring that design documents conformed to count checklists and comments. Valentine developed a design report, design plans, technical specifications, and cost estimates. Valentine prepared the bid package for Marbella and tabulated the bid results and made a recommendation for award. Valentine is currently performing construction administration and inspection services.

Key Project Features

Site Master Planning

Fast Track Design

Arsenic Treatment

Multiple Agency Coordination