City of Phoenix 5JB3 Booster Pump Station and 12-inch Transmission Main

Project Owner

City of Phoenix


Paradise Valley, AZ

Project Overview

This project entailed replacing the existing 5J-B1 pump station located in the City’s Paradise Valley service area with a new, larger adjacent pump station, a new 2,200 lineal foot, 12-inch waterline along Cheney and upgrades to pump station 4J-B2.  The pump station upgrades consisted of perimeter wall and landscaping design approved by the City and the Town of Paradise Valley, potable booster pump station and ancillary facilities, suction and discharge hydropneumatic tanks, standby power, pump station control and telemetry according to City standards, and native plant inventory and landscaping.  The project required significant utility coordination and relocation efforts with APS, SW Gas, Cox, and CenturyLink.  The team coordinated a new APS service for 5J-B3.  The existing 5J-B1 remained in service while the new booster pump station, 5J-B3 was installed adjacent to it.  The project required the acquisition of both a building permit and a conditional use permit from the Town.  Significant public involvement during design and construction was required to notify residents of construction activities, road closures, and water outages. The project required a detailed maintenance of system operations and construction sequence plan which became part of the contract documents for the contractor to follow.

Key Project Features

Booster Pump Station Replacements

System Water Quality and Pressure Improvements

Significant Community and Agency Coordination

Community Sensitive Design