Gainey Ranch WRF Upgrades

Project Owner

City of Scottsdale


Scottsdale, AZ

Project Overview

Valentine provided evaluation, design and construction administration services for retrofits to secondary and tertiary treatment systems at the 1.7 mgd Gainey Ranch WRF.  The existing traveling bridge filters were reaching their serviceable life, the existing UV system was operationally challenging, a semi-permanent sodium hypochlorite feed system required upgrading, the electrical room had experienced years of corrosion and deterioration, and the existing administration building required upgrade and expansion.  Valentine evaluated alternative filtration and disinfection strategies through examination of both capital and O&M costs and system advantages and disadvantages.  Disk filtration and vertical, low pressure UV were recommended and designed.  The operations staff was reluctant to move forward with UV disinfection as they facility had already utilized two different UV technologies unsuccessfully.  Valentine performed a detailed and diligent analysis of potential UV technologies, resulting in the shortlist of a few viable technologies for the facility.  Table top demonstrations and visits to existing facilities assisted the team in selecting the most viable UV system for the WRF.  The administration building expansion consisted of expanding the office space, lunch room and upgrading the electrical room.  This project was performed via the CMAR delivery method.

Key Project Features

UV Disinfection

Cloth Media Filter Retrofit

Admin Building Expansion

CMAR Delivery Method