Ryan Ranch Water Transmission Main

Project Owner

California American Water


Monterey, CA

Project Overview

Design of 6,000 feet of 8-inch main and a PRV station to provide a permanent water supply from the main Monterey Distribution System to the Bishop System.  The waterline is located along busy streets in the Ryan Ranch district that are congested with many utilities include storm drain, sewer, existing waterlines, power, telephone, and fiber. Considerable utility investigations (marking, potholing and surveying) were performed. This enabled our design team to accurately develop the alignment and crossings. Our team assisted with obtaining waivers from DDW for storm and sewer crossings, with the addition of special protection. We also assisted in obtaining an encroachment permit from CALTRANS.

Unique Project Features

Complex utilities and street traffic conditions

DDW Coordination/Approvals

CALTRANS encroachment permit for tie-in

Traffic control plans