Alameda Lift Station Rehabilitation Project

Project Owner

City of Tempe


Tempe, AZ

Project Overview

Following a lift station assessment performed by Valentine for the City of Tempe, the City hired Valentine to perform the design for one of the four lift stations – the Alameda Lift Station rehabilitation. The Alameda Lift Station rehabilitation project included abandoning and removing a portion of the existing below grade dry pit pump station, installing new submersible pumps in the rehabilitated brick wet well, replacement of the site PLC, replacement of the RTU cabinet, upgrade to electrical service, addition of yard hydrants, addition of irrigation system for site landscaping and minor site grading.  The existing wet well is a brick wet well and after structural inspection, it was determined to be of sound condition to be used as the pump station wet well with some minor structural repairs and coating of the wet well to protect it from corrosion. The design also included bypass pump specifications and sequence of construction to accommodate maintaining the station in service during construction.

Unique Features

System Rehabilitation

Detailed Sequence of Construction


Maximized Reuse of Existing System Components