Las Palmas Water Reclamation Facility Title 22 Report

Project Owner

California American Water


Monterey, CA

Project Overview

Valentine performed study and evaluation services for updating the Title 22 report for the Las Palmas Water Reclamation Facility.  The facility treats wastewater generated by the Las Palmas communities and the reclaimed water is recycled through irrigation at the communities’ green spaces.  Monterey County is currently the recycled water distributor and the communities will soon taking over this responsibility through the formation of a water system.


Local agencies were also requiring the facility and the reclaimed water user to demonstrate reduced nitrogen loading.  Through various investigations with Monterey County and DDW, Valentine provided options to increase irrigation area or improve nitrogen removal at the WRF.


This project demonstrated our ability to work with multiple agencies to bring forward solutions to solve water quality and water reuse issues.


Unique Agency Coordination Features

Multi-Agency Coordination

DDW/RQCB Coordination

Monterey County Coordination