Begonia Iron Removal Plant Chemical Feed Systems Modifications

Project Owner

California American Water


Carmel Valley, CA

Project Overview

The Begonia Iron Removal Plant is a 16.2 MGD capacity plant that removes iron and manganese from nine wells situated along the Carmel River. The facility includes twelve large pressure vessels composed of anthracite and greensand, chemical feed systems for sodium hypochlorite, caustic and zinc orthophosphate, filter backwashing facilities (including backwash basins, floating decanter, and sludge dewatering systems) and an air scour system. The facility needed improvements that included filter media replacement, replacing the failed air scouring system, replacing 25 motorized valves to direct the filtering and backwashing for each filter bank, replacing existing instrumentation (turbidity analyzers, pressure indicating transmitters and level indicating transmitters) and providing new sodium hypochlorite feed pumps to provide a lower feed rate to prevent the facility from overchlorinating at lower flows. Working with the design-build contractor, Valentine is in the process of designing the improvements.

Unique Project Features

WTP Rehabilitation

Design for Multiple Modes of Operation

WTP Optimization