Water and Wastewater Process Modeling/Online Instrumentation

Valentine utilizes modeling software to aid in developing project calculations and forecasting outcomes for a variety of changing system components.

Valentine has also been a local leader in implementing the use of on-line analyzers for process control and optimization.  Valentine, working with the City of Phoenix and Bay Area Instrument and Electric, installed the first Total Suspended Solids (TSS) analyzers in the Phoenix Metropiliation area at the 91st Avenue WWTP.  The analyzers are used to maintain consistent SRT in the aeration basins.

Valentine is now working with the City of Scottsdale to implement this technology at both the Gainey Ranch WRF and Water Campus WRF and will be working with staff to develop online control strategies for automated SRT control.  Advantages of automated SRT control are improved process performance and reduction of unecessary wastage volume, saving money on downstream solids handling treatment.

Valentine is also working with Mesa and Scottsdale on piloting of online COD and ammonia analyzers at the Mesa SEWRP and the Scottsdale Water Campus.  On line ammonia analyzers will be used to further optimize process air supply in conjunction with dissolved oxygen control.

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91st Avenue WWTP MLSS Probe out of ML and Support (close up)
91st Avenue WWTP RAS Probe out of Basin and Support (close up)
91st Avenue WWTP MLSS Analyzer Box (inside view)
Online S-Scan Ammonia Analyzer
Online S-Scan Ammonia Analyzer2
S-Scan COD Analyzer Water Campus WRF Headworks