City of Phoenix WWTP JOC Engineering Services

Client:  City of Phoenix

Location:  Phoenix, AZ


  • Provided job order project management and on call design services from 2003-2009
  • Sampling of 23rd Avenue WWTP design services:
    • Headworks centrate split system with motorized valves and flow meters to aid City in controlling centrate split to the parshall flumes – construction administration services and IAS updates
    • Headworks auto samplers
    • Plant wide caulking and manhole repairs
    • Chlorine scrubber modifications
    • Step feed chlorination system
    • Dewatering units centrate piping modifications
    • Digested sludge wetwell modifications
    • Filter access openings at the filtration basins
  • Sampling of 91st Avenue WWTP design services:
    • SHF centrate piping replacement – above grade 20-inch to 12-inch diameter stainless steel centrate collection system to replace the corroded below grade collection system
    • SHF sludge density meter
    • DAF pumps modifications
    • SHF groundwater savings project
    • Groundwater flow meter modifications
    • Groundwater discharge piping modifications
    • Sodium bisulfite emergency pipe repair
    • SHF centrifuge primary sludge feedline replacement
    • Diesel storage tank and piping replacement project
    • Plant wide bollards project
    • Plant 2B RAS gates replacement
    • Plant 2B and 3A RAS screw pump station replacement