Tempe Kyrene WRF Misc. Modifications

The City of Tempe treats a maximum flow of approximately 4.9 MGD raw sewage although the facility’s rated average day capacity is 9.0 MGD.  The facility is equipped with centrifugal blowers for process aeration and channel mixing.  Even though they have optimized the blower controls, the excess air must still be wasted to the atmosphere to maintain target dissolved oxygen levels in the aeration basins. The blowers are oversized for the current operating conditions and cannot operate efficiently at varying air demands.

Valentine analyzed the turbo blower technology and found that it was more efficient than the current centrifugal blower technology with annual savings estimated at $96,000 in annual energy costs.

Valentine performed the design and permitting for the turbo blower retrofit however the City of Tempe has decided to take the facility offline for the next several years.