Peoria Jomax WRF Turbo Blower

The City of Peoria had an existing system comprised of four multistage centrifugal blowers – two small and two large. The existing blowers were sized based on the ultimate peak plant capacity of 2.25 MGD. These blowers were intentionally oversized to accommodate future plant expansion.  The plant currently only receives 0.4 MGD for treatment which only requires a small percentage of one of the smaller blowers to meet air demands and has to blow off air in order to keep from over aerating the basin.

Peoria has been operating with a 75 hp blower and have realized an average of $30,000/year energy savings.  In addition, they received a $26,000 rebate from APS.

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Turbo Blower at City of Peoria
Turbo Blower at City of Peoria (close up)
Turbo Blower Diagram