WORLD WATER DAY – Ensure water access to all!

Water for People2_Michelle and Staci

Water for People 5K – Michelle & Staci


In honor of World Water Day, Valentine Environmental Engineers sponsored the Water for People 5K in Tempe, AZ.  Michelle Brock (engineer) and Staci Charles (marketing) had a great time during the run.  AZ Water Association and Water for People’s vision is to build a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.  And they say it best, “because it is time to end the world’s water poverty problem once and for all.

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And One Drop is still celebrating…  you can watch an exclusive one-time performance of Cirque du Soleil at until March 31.  This 90-minute video is available in more than 55 countries around the world!

Share the online broadcast with a friend and watch an amazing tribute to water.  You will be helping spread One Drop’s mission to develop integrated and innovative programs aimed at improving water access and management around the world.

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WHICH IS MORE EFFICIENT – Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) or Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)?


Skid mounted SAF unit

Skid mounted SAF unit


SAF generators

SAF generators

Which is more efficient – Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) or Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)?
Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) is the next generation of solids removal for industrial and municipal waste streams.  This process is capable of greater solids removal than a conventional dissolved air flotation (DAF) system while using a footprint up to ten times smaller.  How does SAF achieve these better efficiencies?  The process uses an externally-generated bubble suspension with high air content. Each bubble is covered with a chemically active film which strongly attaches to the flocculated solids in the water being treated, achieving high rate and efficient flotation. DAF, by contrast, uses high pressure to dissolve a small amount of air in water with no chemically active agent, and depends on physical entrapment and a weak surface bond to float the flocculated solids.

Benefits of SAF™ = Increased Efficiency:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Less energy use
  • Removes more solids
  • More flexible operationally
  • More cost effective

This technology can be a stopgap for many clients who need a cost effective, easy to operate solution to their solids handling problems.  Whether you are a municipal client seeking to treat in-plant waste or recycle streams or improve your DAF’s performance; or an industrial client requiring pretreatment before sewer discharge, this technology offers many advantages for each unique scenario.

Learn more about SAF™ and watch these videos:

  1. Trade Show Float – demonstrates the separation of solids to the surface
  2. UC Davis – shows the actual system working with the flow of raw water that have separated from the solids that have floated to the surface

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Experiencing long detention times and sewer odors in your sewer force mains?

Troubled with high H2S gas concentrations at the downstream manhole or WWTP?

Tired of excessive chemical use to control the situation?

ECO Oxygen Technologies offers an innovative, energy efficient technology that cuts hydrogen sulfide gas production at the source.  This simple technology involves the superoxygenation of the force main, raising dissolved oxygen levels thereby removing the conditions in which dissolved sulfides form.

Valentine is currently evaluating this technology for a local municipality and is excited about its potential benefits.  For more information on this technology visit



40% REDUCTION in energy costs


Energy Savings with Turbo Blower Technology



  • 40% REDUCTION in energy costs
  • NO noise
  • SMALL footprint
  • MINIMAL Maintenance

The typical WWTP uses 40% of its overall energy consumption in its aeration process. Positive displacement or multistage centrifugal blowers are two technologies that are utilized for process aeration. These technologies, while proven, are energy intensive. These technologies are also noise and maintenance intensive.

Valentine Environmental Engineers designed the expansion and upgrades to the Arizona American Water Company Wishing Well Water Reclamation Facility (AAWC). The facility was equipped with a small blower room and conventional blower technology. The WRF aeration capacity was being doubled but the available space did not increase. The new conventional blowers to meet the increased capacity could not fit in the building, exceeded available electrical supply and would require HVAC modifications to the building to evacuate the additional heat load from the new, larger conventional blowers.

Valentine and AAWC investigated the problem from all angles and the challenges presented to determine the best use of space and more modern technology.

Case Study: Arizona American Water Company Wishing Well WRF

The Solution

The dawn of the Turbo Blower Technology has revolutionized the process air blower supply for WWTPs. Turbo blowers are not only quiet and require a small footprint, they are more efficient than conventional blowers and offer greater turndown capabilities.

Turbo blower technology has its roots from the aviation and aerospace industry. This technology relies on an air foil bearing supported on a shaft that is directly integrated with the variable frequency drive, motor and control system in a single enclosure. The air foil bearing eliminates friction between the bearing and the shaft and thus improves the efficiency of the blower while allowing 40% turndown capability.

Success with the Turbo Blower Technology

Valentine and AAWC investigated the Turbo Blower Technology to resolve all of the project issues:

  • Ability to install turbo blowers in existing space without having to expand the building
  • No requirement for additional electrical power due to the efficiency of the units and requires less installed hp overall
  • No HVAC retrofits required as blowers produce virtually no heat and can function at temperatures of 120 F

The blowers reduced overall construction and operations costs. Turbo Blower Technology is significantly more efficient than conventional blowers. You will save on energy costs, decrease noise, reduce your footprint and reduce your maintenance costs with newer methods.

Other turbo blower retrofits that Valentine Environmental Engineers designed:

  • Corrections Corporation of America Eloy Detention Center – three new 50 hp blowers
  • City of Scottsdale Gainey Ranch – replacing three existing 75 hp blowers with three new 50 hp turbo blowers, 6.7 year payback, $50,000 annual energy savings
  • City of Scottsdale Water Campus – replacing two existing 400 hp blowers with three new 250 hp blowers, 3.4 year payback, $200,000 annual energy savings
  • Other projects in the design phase for City of Tempe and City of Peoria


World Water Monitoring Day(WWMD) is an international education and outreach program  that engages the youth of the world to learn about their local water supplies and the importance of protecting them.  By engaging the children in conducting basic monitoring of their local water bodies, awareness of the importance of water is strengthened.

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The Documentary Channel is hosting a series called the “Future of Water”. The series tells the story of how the struggle to control and use water will have great impact on political power relations world wide and influence water and peace and the destinies of countries and entire continents.

The  host of the series, Professor Dr. Terge Tvedt, has studied the role of water in history and development for years.

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Blower Energy Audits performed by Valentine Environmental Engineers at local WWTPs are continuing to prove successful from both an energy savings and rebate perspective for local municipalities.  Valentine has performed or is in the process of performing upgrades of the centrifugal blowers at four major WWTP facilities in the Phoenix area.

The blower technology will be upgraded to high speed air bearing turbo blowers and is estimated to realize nearly $1M annually in energy savings and garner over $700,000 in one time rebates from SRP and APS.

For more information on these projects see the Projects List or Energy Audits area of our website or call Teresa Valentine at 480-283-8991.


Valentine Environmental Engineers recently acquired the first grey water permit in the state of Arizona for laundry water recycling. This innovative package treatment technology, manufactured by AquaRecycle, treats the laundry discharge and recycles it back to the washing unit for use in the next washing cycle.

Water savings of 60 to 85% are realized along with energy reduction benefits. The laundry recycling will be utilized in local prison facilities with a total savings of over 40,000 gallons per day or 14.6 MG annually.

For more information on the laundry recycling technology visit or call Teresa Valentine at 480-283-8991.