Dr. Teresa Valentine PhD, PE, BCEE receives Environmental Stewardship Award.

Dr. Teresa Valentine PhD, PE, BCEE receives Environmental Stewardship Award.

Dr. Teresa Valentine, Phd, PE, BCEE, managing principal of Valentine Environmental Engineers, is the recipient of the 2015 Environmental Stewardship Award from the AZ Water Association. The award recognizes members for their dedication to exceptional water management practices which serve to protect the environment and enhance the water and wastewater industry in Arizona

Valentine’s work as a professional engineer, a woman business owner, and environmental steward of local, regional and global water initiatives were cited in giving her this honor.

“Teresa also has provided us with excellent services on near and long term planning for needed improvements to our water and wastewater systems with an eye towards sustainability, energy efficiency, and reduced operations and maintenance, “ said Wendy S.W. Barnett, president, Utilities, Inc. Arizona / Nevada. “Teresa’s interest in our environment is apparent.”

To accomplish Valentine’ vision to deliver innovative solutions that build for a future of clean water and help improve the quality of life for people worldwide, Valentine has built a process that champions system innovation and efficiency focused strategies in in all stages of planning, design, construction, and maintenance solutions.

“Receiving an award like this shows our dedication to providing the best service to our clients and the environment. We are grateful for the opportunity in our profession to work on behalf of the environment, and provide water engineering solutions that help municipalities, private companies, and our overall water industry save energy, increase efficiencies, and improve operations,” said Valentine, who will receive the award today at the 88th annual conference and exhibition in Glendale, AZ. “Preserving water for generations to come and ensuring everyone has access to drinking water is our passion.”

Valentine also enjoys her time as a Girl Scout leader and president of the her children’s PTO, and supporting local and national organizations, such as Water for People, AZ Water Association, Compassion, Feed my Starving Children, YMCA, and St. Mary’s Food Bank.


Samantha Cooper

Samantha Cooper

Samantha Cooper is a full-time Civil Engineering and Barrett honors student in her fourth year at Arizona Student University. She is specializing in environmental studies so she is a perfect fit for our Valentine family.  She plans to finish her Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree (B.S.E) this Spring (2015) and then will continue her education for another year to earn a Masters in Hydrosystems engineering through the 4+1 program at Arizona State University.  She brings a special synergy to our team and is rock solid in water and wastewater engineering.


Engineer of the Year 2014, Teresa Valentine

Engineer of the Year 2014, Teresa Valentine

Dr. Teresa Valentine, Ph.D., P.E., B.C.E.E., managing principal with Valentine Environmental Engineers is the AZ Water Association’s Engineer of the Year for 2014.  Valentine received the honor during the association’s 87th Annual Conference & Exhibition in Glendale, Arizona in May.

Valentine was recognized for her ingenuity in design principles that not only satisfy project specifications, but consistently allow room for more efficient operations and improved energy usage with proven results in significant time, money, and energy savings.  She works with municipalities and private firms to consistently research, evaluate, and test the latest in innovative technologies to improve overall water resource infrastructures and provide more sustainable energy solutions.

She recognizes the challenges in the water industry’s future – surface water shortages, water quality issues, aging infrastructures, and climate change – and she is a true ambassador for our industry to create change and champion system innovation and efficiency focused strategies.

Her leadership and expertise has been instrumental in producing innovative research and evaluation of water systems not only locally but around the world.  Valentine has been called on for her creative thinking to assist others such as FEMA for mobile water treatment units, as well as, the country of Brazil and Mexico for expansion of more energy efficient wastewater treatment facilities.

Valentine was also recognized in 2005 as the Young Professional Engineer of the Year. She is registered in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Hawaii.  She has a Doctor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University.


Valentine Engineers at night

Valentine signage at night

Valentine Environmental Engineers

Valentine Engineers signage

Vision Statement in Lobby

Vision Statement in Lobby

Valentine Environmental Engineers Conference Room

Valentine Environmental Engineers Conference Room








When you drive up to Valentine Environmental Engineers, you will know that you are at the right place.  They recently installed new signage out front and you can’t miss it.  Check it out at night and it’s even a more spectacular show.  And if you haven’t dropped in lately, you can check out the new digs in our lobby and conference room.  You might be familiar with their continuous commitment to the environment and to the water industry.  Now, you can see how they translate that into their vision and tagline.

Please stop by, we’d love to see you!


Teresa Valentine PhD, PE, BCEE, Managing Principal

Teresa Valentine PhD, PE, BCEE, Managing Principal

Valentine Engineers is pleased to announce that Teresa Valentine, PhD, PE, Managing Principal earned her Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE) Professional Credential from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists.

The Academy granted Teresa’s BCEE certification after she successfully demonstrated her competence of Water and Wastewater Engineering through a comprehensive exam.  Teresa’s 17 years of professional practice helped secure her accreditation. BCEE titles are internationally respected credentials, and recognize the top four percent of environmental engineering experts.

Dr. Teresa Valentine specializes in water, wastewater, and water reuse engineering and technologies.  She seeks out the latest innovations in water technology to incorporate sustainable development strategies in all stages of planning, design, construction, and maintenance.  She is managing principal of Valentine Engineers which has been providing engineering solutions for the past 14 years.  Teresa complements the design team with process knowledge related to wastewater treatment, odor control, water quality, and hydraulic analysis.



Walk for Hope - Valentine Engineers for Life

Valentine Engineers for Life Team

Walk for Hope - Valentine Team in action
Valentine Team in action

Taking on a great cause…


Valentine Environmental Engineers organized their 6th annual Walk for Hope team to support breast cancer research, treatment, and education.  The Valentine Engineers for Life Team had a great time walking and running through the Phoenix Zoo in the 2013 Walk for Hope in October.  This family oriented event supports breast cancer research at City of Hope, an amazing place that is saving lives every day.  City of Hope is a National Cancer Institute which is designated as a comprehensive cancer center on a quest for cures.


Thank you to all of you who came out to support  this great cause and join in the fun.  With your help over the years, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars to make a difference for many patients and their families in their fight to survive.   You are making a difference to cancer victims and to their families.  If you didn’t get a chance to give and are looking for a tax-deductible donation, you can check it out on my personal website.  Whatever you can give will help — every dollar counts!


Did you know that… more than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year? That means another 200,000 of our mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, and friends, and all their loved ones, will be affected by this terrible disease.


Walk for Hope is a movement to come together to end breast cancer once and for all. By coming together, we can make the dream of one day living in a cancer-free world more of a reality for all women and men, as well as for their spouses, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, and friends that are all affected by these terrible cancers.


We’re all in. Are you?


Passionate about learning.  Passionate about his clients.

Mike Valentine has worked in the private sector specializing in water and wastewater engineering for over 30 years.  He learns something new every day at Valentine Environmental Engineers but he just took on a wealth of knowledge while earning and receiving his Master of Public Administration (MPA) at University of Southern California, Sol Price School of Public Policy.  Mike wanted to further develop his professional expertise, specifically in the public sector to gain a firm grasp of private-public partnerships knowing the water industry is moving in that direction on a large scale.


Mike Valentine, Principal, PE, MPA

Mike Valentine, Principal, PE, MPA

The mission at Valentine is to provide clients with progressive, out-of-the-box thinking to produce successful projects that ultimately preserve the future of water.  Understanding the private-public partnership arena in a better light and seeing things from the client’s eye gives him and his team the ability to improve project delivery and client communication.  The MPA curriculum provided Mike with additional tools and insights into the public arena – issues they face, constraints they tackle, and how they deal with these issues and constraints.  Coupled with Mike’s experience in the private world, this additional insight and expertise provides a complete, holistic understanding of the public-private working relationship.

“I work with municipalities every day and it was essential to me to better understand how we can work together to create sustainable solutions to tough problems,” said Mike Valentine, principal at Valentine Environmental Engineers.  Read more about Valentine’s vision and mission.

Community Gardens

The highlight of Mike’s experience was working with highly educated and experienced individuals in both the public and private disciplines through various team projects and assignments which expanded his awareness and appreciation for these working relationships.  He also experienced the best of the best in terms of social media strategies as a communication tool through the online program.

Mike and his project team enjoyed the much appraised Community Gardens project in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego, an area focused on revitalization by USC Price’s namesake, Sol Price, and his nonprofit Price Charities.  Urban agriculture can be a source of neighborhood pride, drive civic participation, improve health and food access, and be an economic catalyst. The group recommended ways these community gardens can become self-governed, sustainable enterprises through community engagement, leadership development, intersectional collaborations, and supportive structures and systems.  Learn more about this and other projects at http://news.usc.edu/#!/article/52601/from-san-diego-to-zimbabwe-online-mpa-students-tackle-social-issues/.



Teresa.Valentine at ADEQ brown bag

Teresa.Valentine at ADEQ brown bag

Walking The Talk

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) welcomed Teresa Valentine to speak at a Water Quality Division brown bag with ADEQ employees about incorporating green technologies into water and wastewater treatment. The topics of conversation that were of most interest included innovative processes being used to reduce odors at wastewater treatment plants and how gray water recycling techniques have been used to greatly reduce the amount of water being used at the Eloy Detention Center.  Other energy and water saving innovations discussed were turbo blower technologies and hydroturbine projects.  We send out a big thank you to Chuck Graf, Senior Hydrologist at ADEQ for the invitation.

To learn more about these technologies, please visit our Case Studies or contact Teresa at tvalentine@valentineengineers.com.