Sustainability & Community

V-CARES: Valentine’s Caring and Responsibility Equals Sustainability

V-CARES about their clients, their employees, their community and their business… We value people and the world around us.


Caring for the environment has always been part of our DNA, in particular how it relates to the management of our scarce water resources. Our continuing mission is to seek out the latest innovations in water technology and make those available to our clients. We incorporate sustainable development strategies in all stages of planning, design, construction and maintenance for water and wastewater solutions.


Above and beyond this, we understand the need to create a tighter circle around “people” — our community and our team. Whether it is time or money, the camaraderie of the Valentine team really shines through when “giving back”. Our entire team comes together with enthusiasm in our annual activities for Walk for Hope that provides help to cancer patients. We also sponsor numerous charities and organizations including Water for People, Arizona Water Association, Heifer International, Wounded Warrior Project, Walk for Hope and a local nonprofit organization centered on elderly care – Neighbors Who Care.

Efforts to bring sustainability to the forefront in our office is another key component of V-CARES – our reduce, reuse, recycle program; building a more comprehensive training and development regimen for our employees; and creating a more strategic approach to communicating and educating our stakeholders about the organizations and initiatives we support.